Book Review: Swabbed & Found by Frank Billingsley

Meeting Frank — and getting a signed copy of Swabbed & Found — at HGF’s September meeting.

Frank Billingsley has been a familiar face on my television since I moved to Houston.  He’s the chief meteorologist at KPRC 2, our local NBC affiliate, and a trusted source in good weather — and in very bad.  He’s shared some of his big life moments with viewers, including his 2012 wedding and his recent prostate cancer diagnosis.  In Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover His Family Tree, Frank shares how he reconnected with his birth family with DNA and genealogical research.

I had the pleasure of hearing Frank tell his story at Houston Genealogical Forum (HGF)’s September meeting.  Even after listening the entire tale and learning how it ends, I still bought the book — the details were that engaging!  Continue reading Book Review: Swabbed & Found by Frank Billingsley